22 February 2009

Hello Blog, it's been awhile. It seems something has to really strike me to garner a post. I have always considered my sons as products of a union that combined parts to make a whole. Everyone has said looking at them the elder looked like me and the younger favored my wife. The fun thing was their talents tended to go the other way in general. Then come old first date kind of photos and other than hair color there stands the baby boy. It is truly frightening and enlightening how much a human can change in the course of life. Not much point to the post just wonderment.

24 July 2008


Isn't it cool when random chance just absolutely takes over for the better. Last night I had to buy a new tent for a camp-out coming up in a week. The wife and I go to THE sporting goods store and they do not have the model the wife has her heart set on. Tragic. But wait there is one in another store about 40 minutes away. Great we're off like a herd a of turtles. What should be a pain to go thru turns into one of the nicest evening drives with my wife in recent memory. We get to drive to one of our favorite spots in the world, make our purchase, happen upon an adult beverage or two, and sing 80's songs with each other all the way back home. Oh and saved a hundred dollars on the tent too. Priceless.

31 January 2008

Problems of the World

Ok, Heath is Dead. Brittany is in hospital again. Where were their family's. Oh right trying to get on TV themselves at least in Spears case. Ledger apparently was out of the blue, but unfortunately since he's a public figure so much for benifit of doubt. Had to be a stoner right, got to be doing something with all that time and money.

02 January 2008

Re-visit Fate

I wandered to hell and back on that last attempt let's have another go.

How can there not be something grander guiding this exixtence when you stop and think of all the things you've done to screw up your life. I mean you start out with this great plan for higher learning and wages and then let one little bump derail the whole thing. You get down, join the masses in day in day out drudgery. And end up falling for the love of your life and devote yourself to helping them succeed. You become STEADY always there never take the chance or expend the effort but somehow you live on. Not neccessarily dead but just kind of auto-pilot . Then boom, KIDS it still depends on STEADY but you see results in little ways. You have an impact however small.

29 November 2007

Kismet, Fate, Chance, What the Fuck

I can't be the only person in the world that has thoughts of what could have been compared to what is.

Is it just the fact of getting older that causes one to go back and try to analyze all the different paths one could have taken. I think a lot about lack of formal education but then compare that to so called enlightened people and find a decided lack in grace and understanding on their part.

Probably my biggest compliant with education is how specialized it has become you have walking talking geniuses in a specific discipline who end up being a total social adolescent. Everyone stays with what they know (or have been told they know) and don't bother to find answers on their own. Or at least if they don't find answers find better questions.
Forgive the digression I'm new to this.

27 November 2007

In the Beginning

Everything has to start somewhere doesn't it? Or has it always been there waiting to be found?